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May 14 2014

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December 05 2012

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Julian Assange und Cypherpunks | ttt | DAS ERSTE - YouTube

November 03 2012

Michael Hardie

New video


The big news from the Michael Hardie Team is the launching of the new website. We have designed this site to be easy to access and easy to contact us. Let us know what you think and give us any idea you may have for improving our interaction with you. We also have 4 new videos of Michael playing live solo. 


In many ways the story of Texas Native, Michael Hardie, began in 1991 when Wolfgang Doebling, editor of the German Rolling Stone Magazine, heard his album "Houston Blues" and invited him to Berlin for the B.I.D. music conference. 

Connecting texas roots with the world
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September 08 2012

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The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained - YouTube
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August 18 2012

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Tech Talk: Thomas Fehlmann (Slices DVD Feature) - YouTube
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Sex, Lies and Julian Assange (Four Corners) - YouTube
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May 12 2012

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Crashing into the Moon
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April 29 2012

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Electronics shops in Hua Qiang Bei, Shenzhen, China - YouTube
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April 22 2012

April 01 2012

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March 25 2012

March 14 2012

February 13 2012

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